Frequently Asked Questions

What is Holi powder color?

Our Holi Powder Color is made up of safe ingredients. Our powder color is insoluble in water and does not reach with skin, cloths etc, which makes it very much safe for human including young children.

How do I use the Holi powder?

Our Holi color powder is mainly made for Holi festival celebration. Our product is “Ready to Use” in dry form & Paint form only. Users may apply color powder on each other and color can be tossed in open air as well.

How many shades you provide?

We provide different shades of Jhilmil Holi Colors in different categories :

  • Royal : Orange, Red, Green, Pink, Royal Blue, Yellow, Sky Blue, Chrome, Purple.
  • Trendo : Orange, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Chrome, Purple, Magenta.
  • Signature : Yellow, Orange, Green, Pink, Blue.

Are your colors certified?

Yes, all our colors are having following certificates:

  • *Non-toxic*
  • *Non-irritant to skin*
  • *EN 71-3* certified (Free from Heavy Metals)

What it means by EN 71-3 certified colors?

European standard EN 71 specifies safety requirements, which is legally required for all the things, which may contain heavy metals and being sold in the European Union.

EN 71-3: Specification for migration of certain elements

In European countries, this certificate is essential to meet a defined safety standard to prevent accidents.

We have achieved *EN 71-3* certificate, which shows that all our colors are free from heavy metals like- lead, aluminium, mercury, tin, zinc etc.

Are the colors safe for my skin, hair and eyes?

Our colors are Non-toxic, Non-irritant to skin certified and free from heavy metals, so it’s 100% safe for your skin, hair and eyes, even in the case you swell a bit colour unfortunately.

Why one shall prefer non-toxic and skin friendly colors?

Synthetic colors may harm your skin and can leave rashes, itching and dryness because these colors contain toxic chemicals such as lead, benzene, aromatic compounds etc, they can be extremely dangerous. Some toxic colors may also contain high content of mercury sulphite, lead oxide and copper sulphate, which can cause even skin cancer.

We have developed *EN 71-3* certified colors; it makes our colors free from heavy metals. If one wants to enjoy Holi without the risk posed by chemical colors then you should go for non-irritant to skin and EN 71-3 certified colors.

My clothes will get clean after playing Holi with your colors?

Yes, our Royal & Signature are stain free and never bleed on cloths. A few particles may stay on the clothes because of their micron size

Are your colors fluorescent and vibrant enough?

Nobody wants to play and enjoy Holi with dull shades. Our colors are more fluorescent and vibrant.

Are you colors soft and silky to feel, because granular particles inside the colors may harm my skin?

The size of the particles of Holi colors may badly harm you when somebody rubs such colors on your skin. We have developed our Holi colors with acceptable particle size (53-250 micron), which makes you feel more smooth and silky than the talcum powder.

What your colour fragrant?

Each and every colour has its own fragrance like Red with rose, Blue with lavender, Orange with chandan, Chrome with saffron, Yellow with lime, Green with khas, Pink with fantasy rose etc.

Is your colors moisture free?

Yes, Moisture makes Holi colors heavy in weight, so you need to buy much quantity than what you actually require if the colour is moisturized. It may affect you in terms of prices also, as you will have to buy more quantity. Our colors are 100% moisture free, which gives you benefits in terms of prices as well as quantity.

Your colour gives glitter effect?

Yes, people love to play with live Holi colors so we add safe glitters to make our Holi colors more vibrant, live and shiny.

How much colour do I require to play Holi with my family and friends?

Our color powder is high in coverage, which allows you to color more faces with the same quantity than the other colors available in market. A person may require an average amount of 300-500 gms color powder for graceful color effect.

What is the USP of your colors?

  • High in Coverage
  • Moisture Free
  • Glittering Effect
  • Exotic Fragrance
  • Colourwise Fragrance
  • Stain Free

Can you provide us customized Packaging?

Yes, we do customization of Jhilmil Holi Colour packaging for corporate and promotional gifting. It helps you to add a personal touch to your Holi gifts.

Do you export the colors?

Yes, we do have our presence in International market as well. In overseas market many event companies and Holi festival organizers prefer to buy colors from India, because India is the place of origin of Holi colors. Our colors are certified enough to match overseas safety and standard measures. We export our best quality Holi colors at competitive prices.

How much time the shipping take?

We have multiple ways to ship our colors. In India, we can ship anywhere within 10 days and for immediate order we can ship it in 2-3 days time. Overseas shipping may take time, all it depends on the event dates, if immediate than you can choose air shipment mode to match your event dates otherwise you can choose sea shipment. Air shipment may take time around 10 days and sea shipment may take time around 40 days.

Any suggestion to play safe Holi?

  • Wear light colored clothing so that the colour can POP
  • Use skin friendly and safe natural Holi colors to enjoy Holi without any fear.
  • Prefer to play dry Holi with gulal.
  • Don’t smear, but throw it.
  • Make sure you keep your mouth closed.
  • Use cold water to wash colors from skin and hairs.
  • Though our colour are non –Harmful to skin,Eyes.