Solvent Soluble Dyes

A solvent dye is a dye soluble in organic solvents. It is usually used as a solution in an organic solvent and they are readily soluble in most organic solvents. Our manufacturing unit is an ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 CERTIFIED Company & having experience since last 30 yrs. We are specialized in Metal-Complex Solvent dyes and have selected only specialized dyes, which require expertise in manufacturing. Our in house R & D facility & lab testing unit has led us to have an extensive and comprehensive range of specialty dyes meant for equally specialized applications. In-house manufacturing of input raw materials gives us precise control over Quality and Delivery In contrast to ordinary dyes. Our solvent dyes are En 71 certified and free from heavy metals & pure in nature and contain low amount of impurities. We are also manufacturing Solvent Black 29, which is a part of our range. We have an edge in this product since we are manufacturing the key intermediates in-house. We are, therefore, a popular Metal Complex Solvent Dyes manufacturer and supplier in India. All these dyes are available in powder form and have long shelf life if stored properly in a dry place. ALL OUR PRODUCTS ARE MADE IN INDIA.

Free from Heavy Metals
EN 71 Certified
Pure in Nature
Low amount of Impurities

Fluoroscent Pigments

Daylight fluorescent pigments are stimulated by normal daylight to shine, they fluoresce. The invisible UV component of the daylight is converted into visible light. Fluorescent colors appear considerably stronger and more brilliant than conventional colors. The main difference between dyes and pigments is that dyes completely dissolve in the medium used. On the other hand, pigments remain as solid bodies. To achieve the best color strength, they must be dispersed to the optimum particle size. In general, pigments are preferred over dyes because of their better light fastness, lower migration property, higher solvent resistance, binder compatibility, and interchangeability. Jajoo Enterprises is one of leading supplier of Best Quality FP. at very competitive price. Our well qualified Chemical engineers & hard working technicians works in Our state of the art manufacturing unit in Surat and  produces exclusive range of superior quality Fluorescent Pigments.  The pigment range is made by us in a way that it becomes capable of converting lower end of spectrum and UV light into the visible light of the key wavelength. This phenomenon of absorbing white and ultra violet lights along with converting them in visible range makes this pigment exceptionally bright and of outstanding visibility. Our EN71 certified pigments offer Exceptional color brilliance, nature friendliness, free from harsh materials and longevity. The advantage of our  fluorescent pigments over conventional organic pigments is the ease of stirring in the application medium and  Only a thorough mixing is required to achieve a homogeneously dispersed quality which are some of the salient features due to which these pigment also demanded in making printing inks like plastisol inks, gravure inks, screen inks and flexographic. All our Products are made in India

Free from Heavy Metals
EN 71 Certified
Pure in Nature
Low amount of Impurities

Celebrate the festival of colors with NON-TOXIC Holi Colors…

Jajoo Enterprises welcomes you to the world of Holi Colors. We are one of the leading & trusted Manufacturer & Supplier of JHILMIL brand Holi colors. Under the skilled team and rigorous research, we hygienically process these colors using superior grade raw material with the employment of cutting-edge technologies. We offer superior quality & 100% natural and organic Holi colors with some of the salient features like skin friendly, natural fragrance and non-toxic, flame proof to name a few. These colors are ideally utilized during holi festival in community centers, festive committees, temples & residential colonies. They are also integral part of other festivals like Ganesh Festival, Durga puja etc… We also supply these colors for events, parties & Shootings. We constantly thrive to give our customer innovative products with best quality & service which not only make us leading manufacturer & supplier of Holi colors in India but also a leading exporter of these products in world market. Keeping in mind all our customers needs, we offer wide variety & colors to chose from range like Royal,Trendo,Signature & Royal plus. We are also engaged in corporate gifting with customize packaging & branding during holi season. ALL OUR PRODUCTS ARE MADE IN INDIA

Solvent Soluble Colour Codes

  • Yellow R
  • Yellow GL
  • Yellow 5307
  • Lemon Yellow
  • Orange R
  • Orange G
  • Orange RL
  • Fire Red G
  • Red B
  • Red GM
  • Maroon
  • Pink 5 BLG
  • Pink 5 BLG MS
  • Pink RHD
  • Pink 9R
  • Solvent Pink
  • Blue 2 GLN
  • Blue 2 GLN MS
  • Royal Blue
  • Oxford Blue
  • Cadbuary Violet
  • Deep Violet
  • Violet 5415
  • Violet 2 B
  • Green G
  • Green BL
  • Dark Green
  • Brown 2 RL
  • Brown 2 RM
  • D. Brown 5420
  • Black RL
  • Black RE
  • Black ERE
*Colour codes are for reference only, actual color may differ

Advantages of our Solvent Soluble Dyes

  • In-house manufacturing of input raw materials gives us precise control over Quality and Delivery
  • R & D Department & lab testing unit for better & consistent Product supply.
  • Extensive range of products, which give brilliant colorations in inks and foils
  • Excellent solubility in solvents like – Ethanol, MEK, Butyl Cellosolve, Ethoxy / Methoxy – Propanol and other aromatic solvents
  • Low metal contents as per EN71 and no presence of banned amines as per 21CFR
  • No precipitation even after long storage
  • High Heat Stability

Applications for Solvent Soluble Dyes